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Cuneyt Seckin

"I have known Rachel for over two years having worked as consultant/trainer. I strongly recommend her to any company or person as a professional consultant who is planning to make a change in their organization.
Her level of understanding and catching the important points and to see the overall picture has always been amazing which helped us to lead the changes in the right direction.
It has also always been fun to work with her, not just like a boring corporate obligation.
Thanks once again Rachel all the work that you have done for us!"

Patrick Peal, previous CEO EAAA

"I've been in management and leadership for almost fifty years and always been keen to develop my understanding of my team and my leadership qualities. Rachel is by far the one who has helped me the most.
It's been uncomfortable sometimes but always engaging, challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.
The more I do, the more I understand how she has helped me and my colleagues to be an effective team. Our staff and our patients have benefitted as a result. Thank you Rachel."

Tim Brown. Procter & Gamble

 “Rachel is highly expert in the field of organisational development, EI and motives analysis - with great technical mastery of her subject and high personal integrity. I have found her to be a great coach personally and she has had a terrific impact on my organization.”

Neil Paterson - Regional Managing Director, Middle East Region, Hay Group (and previously Hay Group’s Account Manager for Carlsberg).

 “I have worked with Rachel on a variety of projects involving FMCG companies in a range of European and Eastern European markets. Rachel is professional, reliable and is focused on adding value to the client. She is adaptable and I have seen her operate effectively in a range of cultures at different levels in an organisation, right up to CEO. She has real depth and breadth of understanding of human behvaviour and personal change, and how that impacts on the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. She is personable and full of drive. She is one of the best at what she does!”

Emmanuel Gobillot – Leadership guru and author of ‘The Connected Leader’ and ‘Leadershift’

 "I got Rachel involved in Carlsberg Poland as I needed someone who could shape a project, whilst at the same time managing the relationship with our colleagues internally in Poland.  Rachel managed to do both successfully. She got close to the HR Director and ran successful board sessions within a very complex set of board relationships.  Not only that but she managed to maintain a good relationship with the client despite numerous external issues.

Rachel has become a trusted advisor to the Polish Exec Team and also managed to become involved at a group level on a global project – again, our global client is very protective and seldom accepts anyone new into the team. It is to Rachel’s credit that she managed to fit like a glove."