Changing Dialogues hessian black


I was once asked to attend a senior business meeting where participants had been flown in from all over the world to sit in a room, report on their monthly business results and then go for a meal in the name of “teambuilding”.  I asked towards the end of the meeting whether the group would normally discuss the “elephant” on the table. There were clear tensions across two geographies that the whole table was colluding in keeping off the agenda. 

How many meetings do you attend where the REAL issues remain unexpressed? Even in the current climate, companies waste thousands on pointless and highly demotivating meetings both within and between teams that simply do not know how to have effective dialogues. 

Facilitation is the skill of noticing what is really happening in-the-moment and being able to bring this to the attention of an individual, team or whole organisational unit in a way that enables them to face reality and tackle it productively. Sometimes this will require a strong challenge and the strength to raise to the surface carefully hidden conflicts - sometimes it is simply about creating the right conditions for healthy dialogue to emerge. Inevitably it will release blocked energy within the group and the courage to begin seeking new alternatives.

Facilitation is core to almost any consulting activity, so whether you want to talk about team dynamics, culture change, talent management, or team and organisation structure I’m sure I can help you to develop your thinking and to achieve more. To check out work I've done previously - click here.  You may also be interested in the 'tailor to suit' range of course titles - click here for my Resilience and Dialogue series.