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Who do you talk to at the end of a hard day?

The guy who works behind the bar...your loving yet tired other half...the dog?

In its most raw form, coaching is about having someone to talk to who is purely focussed on YOU…not just what you say but how you say it; how your body expresses your emotions; what you’re NOT saying.  

When that person is also trained and experienced to accurately reflect back to you what they see and hear in a way that helps you see new options, empowers you to think and act differently and can then guide you in setting new goals and paths to attaining these…that’s when you (and perhaps also your partner or your dog) realise that this coaching time is precious.

Coaching is going through the process of becoming a more regulated business but at the moment with a raft of different qualifications and associations governing UK coaches, finding a quality coach who matches your needs can be a confusing task.  If you would appreciate some guidance on different types of coaching and on picking a coach, just click here.

Changing Dialogues offers personal and business coaching for both individuals and teams and I am happy to join or contribute to an organisation coaching pool where appropriate. If you would like to hear what people say about my coaching - click here. If you would like to start talking about coaching… simply get in touch