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Changing Dialogues Ltd has come about because whatever role and whatever industry I work in, I am still struck by how much of my work involves basic issues in communication. 

I am not talking here about “comms” in the sense of formal communications theory, but about the deeper capacity to actually express oneself and hear others in a true dialogic spirit. I am not pretending to be a guru on dialogue, nor have I written countless books or conducted huge amounts of research. 

What I am is a pragmatist who is passionate about bringing to bear the diverse toolkit of theory, professional and personal experience I have gathered over the years and by doing so, increasing the openness and honesty of dialogue between and within the people I come into contact with.

If you see ways in which this philosophy fits with something you are trying to achieve, please get me involved and let me be part of the dialogue. 

Maybe together we can let something extraordinary happen.