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Leadership Development programmes for a major UK engineering firm

"Rachel co-developed with me a far reaching leadership development intervention to support a substantial organisation turnaround over a 2 year period. Rachel is a Consultant with a difference; she takes the time to listen, explore and brain storm ideas, empowers the client to be innovative and working together we jointly delivered to budget, on time and made a sizeable contribution to the organisations turnaround plan. I really enjoyed working with Rachel and hope we can work together in the future."

Resilience course participants from council programmes 

"It is by far one of the best courses I have attended since working for Suffolk and I have recommended it to colleagues."

"Rachel was an excellent tutor and made the session incredibly interesting and rewarding. It changed my whole demeanour and attitude to all the changes going on around me and those that involve me. I came out feeling different and I thank her for that"


Participants from the Hilton Europe programmes

"Without any doubt, I have learnt a lot from both Rachel (as facilitator - her style, way of dealing with questions, disruptions etc.) and the training content."

"The facilitator's knowledge and understanding of the content was excellent. She made what seemed abstract at the outset very practical."

 "Her energy and passion are exemplary for anyone who wants to be a respected professional."

Jacqueline Hill – J Hill Associates

“My first experience of working with Rachel was when I asked her to help me put together a workshop for one of my clients. Her experience with NLP and her ability to really understand the issues the client needed to address, resulted in exercises that both engaged the participants and helped them to make real progress. She so impressed the client that they were more than happy for her to take over the long-term relationship when I left. In addition she demonstrated a mix of confidence and teamwork in working with me to develop and deliver the workshop, that made her a joy to work with. Since then I have seen Rachel's work in other contexts and the client relationships she has built. Clients can expect a powerful combination of a solid theoretical background and a creative and practical approach. Colleagues can expect someone who really pulls her weight, adds value to the content and to the client relationship.”