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I have worked for many years under the title of Management Consultant.  What this means in practice is that I act as a coach/mentor/advisor to individuals within an organisational context to facilitate achievement of their goals.  I also provide outcome facilitation at a team level; helping to improve team effectiveness and functionality through unblocking relationships, clarifying objectives and generally supporting the effective delivery of team goals.  As part of these activities, I have developed a wide array of practical tools which I use to train and develop people.  From interviewing and performance management skills, through coaching, building resilience and Emotional Intelligence development, I am happy to work with you to develop your people and their skill-sets.

The underpinning philosophy I follow is that the more we genuinely and openly communicate with the people around us and with ourselves, the greater our success and strength and the lower our barriers and stress levels. A firm believer in the power of dialogue, my work is defined by the questions people ask me and the discoveries that result; hence the question and exclamation marks of my brand. 

I am accredited in MBTI, Firo B and a variety of others, am a Master Practitioner in NLP and have recently trained in Open Space Technology. I throw myself with humour and gusto into all that I am able and I hope to bring even more frank, honest and mutually beneficial dialogue into both my work and my life.

If you have a question that doesn’t fit neatly into Coaching, Facilitation or Development, or if you are interested in working together purely as peers simply get in touch. It's those questions that make my work and life more interesting.

I am currently running a series of sessions on Resilience development - click here to read more.