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Senior Manager at GlaxoSmithKline:

"Rachel has consistently helped me push myself beyond my (self imposed) limits….her questioning, challenging, insight, and ability to bring her theoretical knowledge to life in a clear and intelligible manner, create a relationship where everything’s for discussion, where we get to practical next steps that I can do and measure my progress against” 

Senior Manager at BT

"I've worked with Rachel as my career coach over the past 4 years with great success, she has helped me with developing my management skills, as well as working with me on a career plan. I have achieved two promotions since working with Rachel.”

Business Development Director from Hilton Europe

“Rachel's help in "translating" the outcome of several commonly used questionnaires & surveys was of great assistance. Her ability to put those results into a more practical context helped with identifying underlying messages...Her impartial feedback and open questioning invites one to re-think assumptions and set procedures.”